Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics

MPhil-PhD in Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Courses offered by the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics concentrate on four areas: Business Economics, Management Information Systems, Operations Management and Quantitative Methods. In addition, cross-disciplinary research efforts are carried out in many areas. The research activities of the faculty members can be broadly categorised into the following three areas:

Business/Managerial Economic Studies

The main objective of this field is to help students develop skills in conducting rigorous economic research on topics that are related to management theories and business decisions. Current faculty expertise covers a wide variety of fields, including studies of the Chinese economy, applied microeconomics, behavioural economics, experimental economics, empirical research methods with applications to financial markets, labour markets and industrial organisation. Examples of current faculty research include psychological influences on economic decision-making through experimental and empirical methods, educational policy in China, the economics of airports, social networks and job search in local markets, and air pollution and decision-making.

Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems faculty at the CUHK Business School has a distinguished record of research accomplishments and external visibility. The Management Information systems faculty’s research interests cover a wide range of application areas including business analytics, digital finance, online advertising, digital innovations, online platforms & markets, AI & machine learning, and experimental economics, among others.

Operations Management

This area’s research focuses are the theoretical development and practical applications in the fields of operations management and operations research. Particular topics of interests include inventory management, supply chain management, revenue management and pricing, service operations management, operations-finance interface, operations-marketing interface, and operations-accounting interface. Particular methodologies of research include optimisation theory, probability theory and statistics, game theory, econometrics, and machine learning.

Faculty Members and Research Interests

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