Huang, Feifei

PhD student, Year 6

Department of Marketing

Research Interest

Consumer Information Processing
Marketing Communications
Emotions and Feelings

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Feifei Huang and Robert S. Wyer (Working), “Counter-Stereotype and Consumer Behavior”.
    • Feifei Huang and Robert S. Wyer (Working), “Justice and Social Self-Esteem”.
    • Feifei Huang, Meng Zhang, and Yuwei Jiang (Working), “Luck and Consumption Effort”.
    • Feifei Huang and Ayelet Fishbach (Working), “Alleviating Loneliness with Product Choice”.
    • Feifei Huang, Kaitlin Woolley, and Ayelet Fishbach (Working), “Blocked Goal and Loneliness”.
    • Feifei Huang, Vincent Chi Wong, and Echo Wen Wan (conditionally accepted), “The Influence of Product Anthropomorphism on Comparative Judgment,” Journal of Consumer Research.
    • Feifei Huang and Ayelet Fishbach (invited revision), “An Upside to Feeling Down: Loneliness Increases Consumption of Used and Recycled Products,” Journal of Marketing Research.
    • Xiuping Li, Meng Zhang, and Feifei Huang (invited revision), “The Effect of Images of Physically Attractive Females on Young Women’s Pro-Social Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Research.
    • Xiaobing Song, Feifei Huang, and Xiuping Li (2017), “The Effect of Embarrassment on Preferences for Brand Conspicuousness: The Roles of Self-Esteem and Self-Brand Connection,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27(1), 69-83.
  • Awards & Honours
    • Global Scholarship for Research Excellence, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2017
    • Best Student Paper Award (First Prize), Annual Conference of JMS China, 2017

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