Li, Na

PhD student, Year 5

Department of Management

Research Interest

Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Management

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Y. N. Li, M. N. Yan, and K. S. Law (Working), “An Emotional Contagion Framework of Voluntary Work Behaviors”.
    • Y. N. Li, L. Wang, K. S. Law, and M. J. Zhang (Working), “You Humble, I Repay: Effects of Leader Humility on Employee Proactive Work Behaviors”.
    • Y. N. Li (Working), “A Study on Hybrid”.
    • Yaqing Lin, Shuming Zhao, and Na Li (2013), “A Study of Network-building HR Practices for TMT, Strategic Flexibility and Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Environmental Uncertainty,” Nankai Business Review (International), 5(1).
  • Conference Presentations
    • Y. N. Li, M. J. Zhang, K. S. Law, and M. N. Yan (2016), “Who Should Be Responsible for Subordinate Behavior? A Study on Ripple Effects of Leader Emotions on Follower,” Presented at 2016 IACMR, China.
    • M. J. Zhang, L. Wang, Y. N. Li, and K. S. Law (2016), “I Choose It vs. I Own It: How Empowering Leadership Fuels Proactivity at Work and When,” Presented at 2016 SIOP, Ireland.
    • Y. N. Li, K. S. Law, M. N. Yan, and M. J. Zhang (2015), “Subordinate Performance and Abusive Supervision: the Role of Envy and Anger,” Presented at 2015 AOM, Canada.
    • L.Wang, M. J. Zhang, K. S. Law, Y. N. Li, and Y. Y. Liang (2015), “Engagement as A Double-edged Sword: Job Engagement, Proactive Performance, and Knowledge Hiding,” Presented at 2015 AOM, Canada.
  • Teaching Experience
    • Course Instructor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Principles of Management, 2016

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