Wang, Xue

PhD student, Year 3

Department of Marketing

Research Interest

Social Mobility
Social Class
Social Inequality

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • F. Teng, X. Wang, and Y. Yang (2017), “Sexual objectification decreases women’s experiential consumption (but not material consumption),” Social Influence, 12, 141-154.
    • X. Wang, Z. Chen, K. T. Poon, F. Teng, and S. Jin (2017), “Self-compassion decreases acceptance of own immoral behaviors,” Personality and Individual Differences, 106, 329-333.
    • H. Li, E. X. Wang, S. Jin, and S. Wu (2016), “Ethnic identity salience improves recognition memory in Tibetan students via priming,” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22, 229-236.
    • Y. Peng, X. Wang, S. Wu, S. Jin, and R. Sun (2016), “A brief introduction of Life History Theory and its combination with social psychology: Moral behaviors as an example,” Advances in Psychological Science, 24, 464-474.
    • F. Teng, K. T. Poon, H. Zhang, Z. Chen, Y. Yang, and X. Wang (2016), “Situational cuing of materialism triggers self-objectification among women (but not men): The moderating role of self-concept clarity,” Personality and Individual Differences, 97, 220-228.
    • X. Wang, W. Cai, J. Sun, S.Wu, Z.Feng, and S. Jin (2014), “The theoretical development and comparison of power: From the perspective of social psychology,” Advances in Psychological Science, 22, 139-149.
    • S. Wu, H. Zou, W. Cai, X. Wang, and S. Jin (2014), “Motivational cues: The role of perceived senders’ self-control ability in raters’ deception judgments,” International Journal of Psychology, 49, 123-130.
    • X. Wang, S. Wu, J. Sun, Z. Feng, and S. Jin (2013), “On greed: The attitude, motivation and decision-making,” Advances in Psychological Science, 21, 740-750.
    • J. Sun, X. Gu, S. Wu, X. Wang, and S. Jin (2012), “Psychological mechanism of moral hypocrisy: Explanations based on Dual-Process Theory,” Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology, 20, 580-584.
  • Awards & Honours
    • Excellent Paper Award, JMS, 2017
    • Graduate Travel Award, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 2016

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