Wang, Yangxin

PhD student, Year 4

Department of Management

Research Interest

Work-related Identity
Job Crafting
Work Stress

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Kim, Y. S., Wang, Y. X., (Working) “Antecedents of the implementation of high performance work system – an meta-analysis from the perspective of contingency theory”
    • Wang, Y. X., Kim, Y. S., Lau, C.S., (Working) “Creative identity asymmetry: when and how it impacts psychological strain and creative performance”
    • Wang, Y. X., Lau, C.S., (Working) “More is not always better, the curvilinear effect of job crafting on creativity”
    • Wang, Y. X., Kim, Y. S., Lau, C.S., (Working) “Multiple identities and ambivalence: when and how it leads to positive or negative job outcomes”
    • Wang, Y. X., Lau, C.S., (Working) “The good side of a bad thing: how and when professional identity threat would lead to job crafting and positive job outcomes”

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