Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Requirements

  • 4. What is the minimum requirement for GRE/GMAT score?

    There is no minimum requirement for the GRE/GMAT score. The Selection Panel will consider your application as a complete profile. Therefore, please submit all the required application materials for our consideration.

Application Materials & Referee’s Recommendation


  • 14. I have sent my GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS score report to you, did you receive it?

    Please make sure you provide the correct institution code/address when requesting the organisation concerned. You may refer to Admissions for the institution codes and address. A wrong institution code/address may result in documents going missing or not being delivered. If this happens, please send another copy to us on or before the deadline. If the institution code/address is correct, please send an email to, stating your application number to check if we have received your report.

Academic Transcript

Online Application

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)


  • 29. What are the criteria for getting the studentship?

    Generally, every student will receive studentship during their normative study period. You may need to assist in the teaching and research work of your Department. Your Department/ School will assign the duties after admission. You do not need to apply for the CUHK studentship separately.

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