Fields of Study

The Department of Marketing’s research places a strong emphasis on the cross-cultural and international dimensions of marketing, especially those related to Hong Kong and mainland China. Faculty members have diversified research interests that encompass the following areas:

Service Marketing

Major areas of focus include service quality, channel management and the integration of marketing, human resource management and operations in service organisations.

China Marketing

Following the launch of China’s open door policy in 1979, Hong Kong has assumed an important ’gateway‘ position in China trade. The open door policy also provides fruitful opportunities for faculty members interested in studying issues related to China marketing.

Sociocultural Aspects of Marketing

Marketing involves both technical and social elements. Whereas the technical elements are universally applicable irrespective of time and place, the social elements are market-specific and manifest the cultural peculiarities of a society at large. Consequently, consideration of the impact of sociocultural factors upon marketing is important in the formulation of strategies, and receives close research attention from marketing scholars.

Faculty Members and Research Interests

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