Hotel and Tourism Management

MPhil-PhD in Business Administration

(with specialization in Hospitality/ Real Estate)

The hospitality and real estate industries are the rapid growth industries in this region.

Research activities conducted at the Center of Hospitality and Real Estate Research cover the areas of hospitality, tourism, real estate, and finance and span a wide spectrum of relevant topics. Among the two streams, students can choose to specialize in either hospitality or real estate.

Hospitality Marketing and Tourism

The growth of service industries has created a strong demand for research into marketing approaches that increase service effectiveness given the unique characteristics of intangibility, inseparability, perishability, and variability intrinsic to consumer behavior.  We emphasize on Service Innovation, Big Data Analytics, Hospitality Leadership, Business Sustainability and Social Media research. We are also the leading Hotel School for conducting impactful research on service robotics in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Real Estate and Finance

The real estate industry has generated many new and interesting research topics. Major issues examined include property valuation, property acquisition and financing methods, the best use of property, and the development of secondary property equity and debt markets. Specific interdisciplinary research topics that integrate with hospitality, economics and accounting concentrate on corporate finance and agency issues in Real Estate Investment Trusts, asset pricing theories, market efficiency of property markets, and economics of corporate location. There are also growing interests in research examining the unique features of mainland China and Hong Kong property markets, as well as the sustainability and diversity in real estate firms and investments.

Faculty Members and Research Interests


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