Zhao, Guanyi

PhD student, Year 1

Department of Management


Research Interest

Strategic Management
International Business
Strategic Entrepreneurship

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Zhao, G., Han, Y., & Zhang, Y. (2020). The Influence of Cultural Values on International Business Management and Related Activities. Modern Management Forum, 4(2), 47. DOI: 10.18686/mmf.v4i2.2115.
  • Conference Presentations
    • Zhao, G. (2020). Cause Related Marketing – How Brands are Addressing the Coronavirus (Paper ID: u20-103). In SIBR-UniKL 2020 Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research Proceedings, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • Zhao, G. (2020). Made in China 2025: Taking Over International High-tech Enterprises. In Proceedings of the 6th The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism (SVOC) Conference, Budapest, Hungary.

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