Zhou, Xiang

PhD student, Year 6

Department of Marketing


Research Interest

Empirical Modelling

Machine Learning

Big Data in Marketing

Mobile Analytics

  • Publications & Working Papers
    • Yinglian Luo, Shan Zhu, Shun he, Xiang Zhou, et al (2016), “Weather drive industry sales of big data,” Journal of Data Analysis, 11(3), 63-90.
    • Mantian Hu, Xiang Zhou, Jingcun Cao, and Irwin King, “Recommendation Systems for Sequential Decisions,” 3rd round at Journal of Marketing Research.
    • Jingcun Cao, Xiang Zhou, and Mantian Hu, “Using Large Scale Individual App Usage Data to Study Mobile Apps Market Structure and Future Performance,” working paper.
  • Conference Presentations
    • 9th R Language Conference of China (Guangzhou), October 2016.
    • 2017 Management Annual Meeting, November 2017.
    • 41st ISMS Marketing Science Conference, June 2019.

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